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Take the strain out of composting with the Tumble Weed Compost Bin. The unique tumbling action speeds up the whole composting process simply fill with kitchen scraps, grass clippings, shredded garden prunings and tumble the bin regularly every 2-3 days.

A stainless steel bar runs through the centre of the drum to help mix the contents and vented lids at each end maintain aeration.

The balanced lightweight symmetrical design makes this compost bin very easy to use. Being off the ground ensures that air and moisture are evenly distributed by the tumble action, creating ideal conditions for rapid decomposition and will not be accessed by rodents.

Dimentions 65 x 85 x 117cm high.
Weight 10kg.
Capacity: 220 litres.

Operating instructions included

A simple assembly is required using a Phillips screwdriver and a spanner (no instructions for this) and the Tumbleweed Compost Bin comes with a 5 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee.

Please note: Part D - the central shaft is usually placed within one of the other shafts to prevent it being lost in transit. It can be attached to the legs, or inside the legs.
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Tumbler Bin Grenville Neil Howells on 18 April 2022

I bought this bin to replace one which has seen better days .I have not assembled it as yet as I am waiting to empty the other unit when it is time. Based on the use of previous bins I can see no problem with this being any different to previous ones. Look forward to using in the future

Great Buy Mike Andrew on 15 December 2018

At 52 this is my first go at composting. Not sure how it will turn out but delivery was on-time and for almost the first time in my life I got the screwdrivers out and assembled it without any problems. I like the idea that I can recycle some of my food and garden waste and the bonus will hopefully be ending up with some beneficial compost for the soil in the garden. So far so good !!

very large sue on 14 September 2017

filled this with the contents of our exiting open compost bin and now it seems to be composting very nicely. The only issue is that as I am 5 feet tall ( or short ! ) my arms are not long enough to reach top and bottom of the barrel to turn it as shown in the literature. it is possible to rock it backwards and forwards quite a way or I just get my husband to turn it easily. I would recommend it but next time I will buy a slightly smaller version for me.

Excellent product Ann10 on 2 September 2011

The compost tumbler arrived very quickly 2 weeks ago. The instructions were clear & I (a 67-year old) had no trouble putting it together in minutes. I put the contents from one of my black 'Tardis' bins in it & it seems to be working well. It doesn't take up so much room as the other bins, is rat proof, easy to turn & I shall definitely order another. I can fully recommend it and Greenfingers for their excellent service.

If you want to produce compost quickly a tumbler is for you. Colin Dale on 24 May 2010

My order was processed efficiently. The tumbler requires a little bit of construction (approx 30 minutes), but results in a strong tumbler. Compost is ready in about 6 weeks with regular turning.

Spindle Nut missing Rick Juggins on 24 June 2009

When Box was checked after delivery,one of the two spindle nuts was missing.Telephoned company and was delivered next day. excellent.


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