Bosmere Flexi Edge Lawn Edging - H15cm

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Bosmere Flexi Edge Lawn Edging keeps your lawn edges neat and tidy without the need to trim them and it also holds gravel, soil and mulch in place. Perfect for use along lawn edges and flower beds or around trees, bushes and fountains.

Use an edge knife or spade to form a slot in the soil, place the flexi edge into the soil and simply tap into the ground with a rubber hammer.


  • Rot proof
  • Maintenance free
  • Suitable for straight edges or very shallow curves
  • Durable plastic

Dimensions: L55 x H15cm

Available in the following lengths:

  • 0.55m
  • 2.2m - 4 Pack Multi Buy
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Good product great value Stephen on 18 July 2018

Just what I needed to complete a project and was delivered very quickly

Great value product John on 10 June 2016

Tough plastic which didn't deform when (rubber) hammered into slots made with a lawn edging tool. This made it very easy to fit. It looks good, won't rot and takes up little space. Great stuff.

Good Product 45842797 on 7 April 2017

Easy to install and does the job

Good way to edge your beds and/or lawn Devon Novice on 22 October 2019

If you have straight edges or very shallow curves these work well and can be installed very quickly. 90 degree corners are a problem leaving butting edges with no support. Cutting to obtain the exact length required is easy with a hacksaw using a fine to medium blade.

Much better! gibbo on 8 May 2015

We moved into our current home about two years ago, and the previous owner (who we knew) had the place pretty nice, so there wasn't much we needed or wanted to do. One thing we have been dying to do since we moved in though, was to replace the lawn edging! The previous owner had used a log-roll affair, and whilst it looked nice when it was new - by the time we moved in, it was very tired, and had moss and weeds growing up it, despite our best efforts. We finally decided to replace the log border after it had pretty much mouldered through and fell to bits. The Bosmere edging, while fairly expensive, was an instant improvement. It separates the lawn nicely from the pebble border, is easy to strim up to, and was fairly easy to fit - although I had some trouble getting them all level, I think this was more to do with my garden than the product! I deducted one point from the quality score, as with one section, whilst being hammered in(rubber mallet of course), a fairly large (roughly a 2 circle) dropped out of the main upright body of the section. Unfortunately I didn't have enough to leave this section out, and I didn't want to leave the job unfinished whilst waiting for a replacement piece, so I plastic-welded it back in with my soldering iron, which did the job nicely! In summary, we are very pleased with the product. It has genuinely improved the look of our lawn no end. I would suggest if you can afford it (and if the retailer allows returns) to over-order by a couple of panels just to be on the safe side! Many thanks to Green Fingers for good service and communication via email too.

Looks great, but not quite as expected Penny on 25 April 2017

We bought the edging based on excellent previous reviews, but were disappointed to find that it wasn't as simple to put together as expected, and the poor quality. The panels are not flexible as advertised, and we were not able to use them to make a circle round a tree as we had planned. Two of the panels broke when we were putting them together. We also abandoned the idea of trying to flex the panels. Having said that, we ended up with an octagonal shape around the tree, which still looks nice and does the required job.


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