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This Noblesse 270L Water Butt's unique modern design makes it the ideal water butt for use in urban spaces. It’scompact design boasts a capacity of 270 litres. It comes with space for two planters in the lid so that you can place pot plants on top for decoration purposes.

The high quality rota moulded water butt has 3 inset brass connection points for attaching a tap or for linking several water tanks together.

  • 3/4inch brass or chrome tap.
  • 32mm holesaw for optional filter collector
  • Removable lid with space for 2 plant pots


Capacity: 270 Litres

Dimensions: W79cm x D41cm x H105cm



It is recommended that your water butt is emptied during the winter months or during freezing weather, to prevent the water from freezing up and splitting the butt.

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Noblesse Water Butt geofffitzpatrick16 on 28 April 2022

Well made and attractive product..only problem I hadnt appreciated is that where the tap is positioned means about a quarter of the tank capacity cant be used!??

Really handsome water butt! Moof on 30 July 2019

I chose this because there's nowhere to hide anything in my tiny new garden – everything I put in there makes such a big visual impact. I was a bit reluctant to spend almost ten times as much as I did on the water butt at my previous house, but I have to admit, it does look nice. I hadn't quite bargained for it not fitting flat against the house wall, but that's just me failing to apply common sense (most oblong plastic butts will belly out a bit when full of water). I just had to get a slightly longer, more flexible pipe than the one supplied with the diverter, and it's all working beautifully now. I especially like the smart chrome tap, which is a lovely finishing touch.

Excellent product John Oakley on 29 April 2019

Excellent product. The most elegant water butt you're ever likely to find. If you have to have a water butt that sits on the patio in full view and don't want something that will be a constant cheap eyesore then go for this one. The only small issue was with anchoring the water butt. Because it is slim it may topple if the children were to get behind it and push it over. The wall anchor bracket supplied doesn't work with this water butt (the manufacturer is thinking of discontinuing the supply of this bracket with this product because of too many phone calls from bemused purchasers). I solved the problem by affixing two small hooks, one to the back of the butt, above the max water level, and one to the wall immediately behind. I then linked the two hooks with a removable chain of an appropriate length. The butt cannot now be accidentally toppled over.

Quality product Gary P on 22 February 2019

Bought this to sit by front steps. The product oozes quality, fits really neatly and doesn’t look big or bulky, despite holding 270 litres. It looks great and it made from really heavy duty plastic, which you can see lasting for ever. It has a double planter option for the top, but also a great heavy duty lid should you not want the planter set up. Sadly the other place we need a second water butt for is not quite wide enough to fit this butt into, otherwise would buy another. Product is delivered directly from 3P who called me to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery. Great product and experience.

It's a lot of money for a bit of plastic, however good. Tim on 25 June 2018

All the holes leaked and had to be resealed with Teflon tape (not provided). It seems fine now but it was quite fag to only discover it leaked after filling it up (twice). There were no instructions how to fix the butt to a wall, so I improvised.

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review and taking the time to contact us. We have contacted you in regards to this. Please accept our apologies. Kind Regards Greenfingers Customer Care Team

Fair value User in Cambridge on 2 July 2019

The water butt looks good and is well constructed. One should be wary of the capacity claims - if you use the tap in the middle of the wide face then you lose a fair amount of capacity. Similarly if you use the planter option then you lose further capacity if you set the fill-level at or below the level of the recessed plant pots. A simple hack is to mount the water butt on a stand of sufficient height to allow a watering can to be placed under the tap in one of the lower cutouts on the side, Furthermore the supplied tap looks good but has very restricted flow. Fast-flow taps are available to fit the standard screw fittings and one of these does speed up the job of filling a watering can.


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